UPDATED: Joseph Gordon-Levitt WON’T carry on the Batman screen legacy

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective John "Robin" BlakeHitFix, citing exclusive “sources,” claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt “absolutely” will be appearing as Batman in a Justice League film set for a tentative 2015 release, and is being pursued to don the cape and cowl even sooner than that in an Avengers-style treatment of the DC Universe.

Gordon-Levitt’s character John “Robin” Blake basically inherited the Batman legacy at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, but Christopher Nolan has adamantly said that would be his last film in the franchise, though he is producing the Zack Snyder-directed Man of Steel, a fresh take on the Superman mythos. TDKR perfectly sets Gordon-Levitt up for a career as the Boy Wonder or a Batman Beyond-style Dark Knight, and DC’s heroes are long overdue for a big-screen teamup.

What do you think — is this the way to carry on the Batman film franchise?

UPDATE: Apparently not. (Via GeekTyrant)

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