Marvel’s 2015 Star Wars comics plans revealed

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Princess Leia comics by MarvelBig Star Wars comics news out of Comic-Con!

Marvel will kick off its second reign over the Star Wars comics license with a series called just Star Wars that begins in January and stars the Original Trilogy’s heroes and picks up two weeks after Episode IV: A New Hope.

In addition, an ongoing Darth Vader series launching in February will explore the Sith Lord’s struggles after failing to save the Death Star as well as is relationship with bounty hunters that forms such a large part of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Finally, a line of miniseries will begin with the five-issue Princess Leia storyline starting in March that explores the young diplomat’s having to deal with Alderaan’s destruction and her growing responsibilities to the Rebel Alliance.

Head over to for more information, including all three cover previews and story and artist credits for the new comics.

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