Classic Comic Cover Corner – Vault of Horror #19

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Vault of Horror #19 – June 1951

Cover art by Johnny Craig

Vault of Horror #19 – June 1951
Vault of Horror #19 – June 1951

With The Walking Dead comics & cable television series and feature films like Warm Bodies and World War Z, zombies are “all the rage” these days. But there was a time when these monsters were censored and publishing a comic with an undead monster in it was not publicly acceptable.

With the release of World War Z this week, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at one of EC Comics’ early books, Vault of Horror #19, from June, 1951. This cover features a lonely zombie named Ralph, who is trying to rekindle his relationship with his significant other. A lovelorn lass is pleading for his return, but she should know you have to be careful what you wish for.

In 1954, EC Comics publisher, William M. Gaines, would go through Hell fighting the censorship of his books at the United States Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, which was initiated largely due to the accusations of psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham in his book, Seduction of the Innocent, which claimed comic books were responsible for many of the societal ills of the time.

Wertham would certainly be rolling in his grave if he saw the way zombies have influenced society sixty-years later.

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