Classic Comic Cover Corner (Mother’s Day Edition) – Superboy #66

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Superboy #66 – July, 1958

Cover art by Curt Swan

Superboy #66 - July, 1958
Superboy #66 – July, 1958

Remember when you were a kid and you were experimenting with your X-ray vision, and somehow the science went awry and your Mom ended up with the power instead of you; and how she made things all better by using her new ability to cook you an awesome roast dinner? Moms are good like that.

That’s the way it went down back in 1958, in the pages of Superboy #66, with a Jerry Coleman penned story called, “The Family with X-ray Eyes.” Leave it to Martha Kent to find a practical use for heat-vision. (You can bet Pa was using it for more than just lighting his cigars.)

There’s probably not a comic-book Mom out there (Step-Mom or otherwise) who has endured as much as Ma Kent and still stood proudly by her son. But in the end Martha Kent is just like all Moms in that she thinks you’re “super,” whether you’ve got the powers to back it up or not.

To all of our readers’ Mothers, and all of our readers who are Mothers, we wish you a “Super” Mother’s Day!

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