Classic Comic Cover Corner (Mother’s Day Edition) – Fantastic Four #141

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Fantastic Four #141 – December 1973
Cover Art by John Romita

Fantastic Four #141
Fantastic Four #141 – December 1973

Do you remember how when your Dad tried to shut down your mind before it went out of control and destroyed the world? And how your Mom came to your defense even though the resulting argument almost caused the end of your family? Well, guess what? The same thing happened in Fantastic Four #141 (1973) and that’s why it’s our Mother’s Day classic comic cover.

The End of the Fantastic Four!” is a classic story written by one of the series’ superstar authors, Gerry Conway. In this issue the FF battle Annihilus in the Negative Zone, where the insectoid-like villain has kidnapped Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman), her son Franklin, and his creepy nanny, Agatha Harkness.

The superhero family eventually escape, but when they arrive back at their Baxter Building home they find that Franklin’s powers have been tweaked by Annihilus’ cosmic control rod and he is in danger of exploding like an “atomic bomb.”

Tobey Maguire in The Ice Storm, reading Fantastic Four #141
Tobey Maguire in The Ice Storm,
reading Fantastic Four #141

This very issue of the Fantastic Four was also featured in the film,The Ice Storm (1997), where is was read by troubled teen Paul Hood (Tobey Maguire) and symbolically represented the angst within his own family. Coincidentally, Maguire would go on to play Spider-Man in three feature films starting in 2002, and The Ice Storm director, Ang Lee, would go on to direct the first Hulk movie in 2003. Of course, both the Hulk and Spider-Man have made several guest appearances in the Fantastic Four comics over the 50-plus years of their history. And so turns the circle of life.

Happy Mother’s Day and remember, just like comic-book Mother, Sue Richards, even though your Mom may not always be visible, she’s always there covering your back – so do something good for her today!

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