Classic Comic Cover Corner (Independence Day Edition) – Adventure Comics #296

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Adventure Comics #296 – May, 1962

Cover Art by Curt Swan

Adventure Comics #296 – May, 1962
Adventure Comics #296 – May, 1962

We hope all of our readers are enjoying a fantastic 4th of July weekend, and to help celebrate the CCCC is going full-colonial this week, showcasing an Independence Day cover and book that reflects America’s Revolutionary War era, but with a superhero twist.

Back in 1962, in Adventure Comics #296, DC Comics hero and writer, Bill Finger, penned a tale called “Benjamin Franklin’s Super-Reporter,” wherein Superboy takes Ma & Pa Kent through space and time to a parallel universe where the history of America’s Revolution and the Boston Tea Party has gone awry and only Supes can help to correct it.

Adventure Comics #296 – May, 1962As I’m sure you remember, while enjoying delicious BBQ, burgers and beer, Benjamin Franklin is not only famous for his scientific experiments and inventions (like the one Superboy is assisting with here), he was also one of the key authors of the Declaration of Independence. (Apparently the Founding Fathers managed that part without any super-intervention. Or did they?)

Another fun fact about this particular comic book is that its back cover features a similarly themed advertisement for “204 Revolutionary War Soldiers” for only $1.98, so you can, “Re-live again the famous battles of the American Revolution!”

Sure, it’s “hours of fun for the whole family,” but it might have been even more fun if they had included a Superboy figure for a few pennies more, so the family could enjoy some cool alternative history as well.

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