Classic Comic Cover Corner – Flash #166

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Flash #166 – December 1966

Cover Art by Carmine Infantino

Flash #166

Let me riddle you this. Where can the weather be cold enough to snow and hot enough to melt snow at the same time? If you guessed the Phoenix metropolitan area this last Wednesday afternoon then you’d be right. If you guessed the cover of the Flash #166 then you would also be correct.

On this cover, by the famous DC artist, Editorial Director and creator of Barry Allen/the Flash, Carmine Infantino, the wounded Scarlet Speedster goes up against the villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave at the same time, in a story titled, “The Last Stand Of The Three-Time Losers!

That’s the great thing about being a super-villain, you can just assign a military rank to your moniker without having to actually start out on the bottom as “Cadet Cold.” But I’ve always wondered, if you’re going to just make up your rank, why not just go for broke and make yourself “Colonel Cold?” Nevertheless, the cool Captain is ranked #27 on IGN’s Top 100 Villains List and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

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