Classic Comic Cover Corner – Detective Comics #339

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Detective Comics #339 – May 1965

Cover art by Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella

Detective Comics #339
Detective Comics #339 – May 1965

Nearly thirty years before Keanu Reeves helmed the infamous explosive-filled bus that would blow up if dropped below 50 MPH (see 1994’s Speed), the Batman had a similar situation – but instead of bus with a bomb it was a gorilla with a bomb-belt strapped to its chest.

In the Detective Comics #339 story titled, “Batman Battles the Living Beast-Bomb,” the caped-crusader must hold an 800-pound gorilla (assuming that is its weight), named Karmak, over his head until the bomb’s timer runs out – otherwise Gotham City goes bye-bye.

As if Batman having to hoist a gorilla over his head isn’t cool enough, this classic comic cover also has one of the greatest lines ever when the Boy Wonder encourages the hero by yelling, “Hold that gorilla, Batman!” Awesome!

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