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Comic Cavalcade #18 – December, 1946

Cover art by Everett E. Hibbard

Comic Cavalcade #18
Comic Cavalcade #18 – December, 1946

Is this poor turkey, on the cover of Comic Cavalcade #18, a super-villain, a superhero, or just Thanksgiving dinner for the golden-age Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern? More importantly, which of these heroes do you think is most likely to be able to catch the feathered fiend?

Our money is on the Flash with this one; with his super-speed he should be able to have this bird in the oven before Princess Diana could even unfurl her magic lasso or the Lantern could conjure up a green turkey-cage with his ring.

This holiday themed cover from 1946 doesn’t really have much to do with the contents of the comic, which contains multiple stories like “The Menace of the Rebel Manlings” (where Wonder Woman is up against a lab technician who is hopped-up on nasty “Vitamin Z” gas), “The Galloping Greenbacks” and “The Meaning of D,” but it’s still a lot of fun.

While were talking turkey, did you know that holiday turkeys have been presented to the U.S. President every year since 1947 (a year after this classic book was published), but that the birds did not start being pardoned by the President until Ronald Reagan did it in 1987?

Also, did you know that there is a superhero called Super-Chicken (who has the best theme-music ever), but there is not a Super-Turkey hero? Did you further know that there is a country in Turkey called Batman? All true! [See Google Maps – Batman, Turkey.]

Here’s hoping all our readers had a super-Thanksgiving weekend!

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