Classic Comic Cover Corner (Cinco de Mayo edition) – El Asombroso Hombre Arana #183

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El Asombroso Hombre Arana #183 – October 1983

Cover Art by Keith Pollard

El Asombroso Hombre Arana #183
El Asombroso Hombre Arana #183 – October 1983

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, today’s Classic Comic Cover features the Spanish language version of The Amazing Spider-Man #187, cover date December, 1978. But this issue was reprinted south of the border in October, 1983, as El Asombroso Hombre Arana #183.

Amazing Spider-Man #1871978 was the heyday of Spidey’s live-action television show (as you can see on the English version cover touting Marvel’s TV Sensation), but by the time this book was printed in Mexico the short-lived TV show was just a distant memory – and not a very good one.

This book features El Capitan America and Hombre Arana going up against Electro, but first the two heroes have to learn to get along with each other. (Is there a lesson there?)

You’ll notice that there is no translation for Electro, but he does have the upside-down exclamation point at the beginning of his name (as well he should.)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone – stay safe out there!

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