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Amazing Spider-Man #139 – December, 1974

Cover Art by Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.

Amazing Spider-Man #139 - December, 1974
Amazing Spider-Man #139 – December, 1974

It was reported this week that scientists, well…scientist, anyway, have determined that the Abominable Snowman is not the apelike creature it was originally thought to be, but is actually a “bear hybrid” of some type. What’s next? Findings that show the creature is not really “abominable” at all, but only mildly abhorrent?

So this new Snowman theory got me to thinking, “Bear hybrid, hybrid bear…a bear that walks like a man…” Now, where have I seen this before? Of course, it was Amazing Spider-Man #139, with the Gerry Conway story, “Day of the Grizzly!

In this issue Spidey takes on one of his greatest, uhh…corniest that is, foes ever – the Grizzly! He’s a former wrestler who has a beef with the bad press that Peter Parker’s cantankerous boss, J. Jonah Jameson, has been giving him.

Another of Spider-Man’s foes, the Jackal, has supplied the wrathful wrestler with a super-powered, exoskeleton-laced, bear suit that amplifies his strength; and the wall-crawler has to rescue the Daily Bugle’s editor-in-chief from being killed by the outraged Ursidae.

I doubt that the “Snowman” is thrilled with the press he’s received over the years either, and I’m sure this latest “scientific” argument is as unbearably embarrassing as the “Grizzly” is to Spidey’s web of villains. In fact, I bet he’d say the scientific community owes him an “apeology.”

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