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Adventure Comics #295 – April, 1962

Cover art by Curt Swan

Adventure Comics #295 – April, 1962
Adventure Comics #295 – April, 1962

The first rule of Bizarro club is, “Us do opposite of all Earthly things!” Which means pretty much anything goes on the square world with the imperfect versions of Superman and his cadre of characters; and in Adventure Comics #295 we’re introduced to Bizarro Titano, who is twice as cool because not only is he a Bizarro, he’s also a giant ape.

“The Kookie Super-Ape” is penned by none other than Superman’s original writer and co-creator, Jerry Siegel, and features not only Bizarro Titano, but also Bizarro Superman, Bizarro Lois Lane, Bizarro Jimmy Olsen, Bizarro Lana Lang, Bizarro Perry White and even Bizarro Krypto (who hangs out at the dinner table with Bizarro Superboy.) That’s a whole lot of Bizarro!

Adventure Comics #295 – April, 1962In this story, the Bizarro public enjoys (Or is it “hates”? So confused!) watching wrestling matches between Bizarro Lois and Bizarro Lana (while the Super-Referee reads a comic book), but when Lois becomes the reigning champion (Or is it loser?) Bizarro Superman brings in Bizarro Titano to go up against her in a convoluted plot twist to prevent her from being exiled to Earth.

As the match begins, Bizarro Titano borrows Bizarro Jimmy’s spyglass and when he gets a good close-up looks at the Bizarro Lois, the big ape high-tails it out of the ring and surrenders. None of it makes any sense – or it makes perfect sense. I did say this is the Bizarro world, right?

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