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Adventure Comics #283 – April 1961

Cover art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye

Adventure Comics #283 - April 1961
Adventure Comics #283 – April 1961

The three words, “kneel before Zod,” as demanded by the evil General Zod in the 1980 film Superman II, have become part of our pop culture lexicon; and Zod is apparently the main antagonist in the upcoming Man of Steel movie as well. But where and when did this commanding criminal first appear in Superman’s comic-book universe?  

General Zod was an inmate of the infamous Kryptonian prison, the Phantom Zone, when he first appeared in the pages of Adventure Comics #283 in April of 1961 (which was also the first appearance of said Phantom Zone.)

In a story titled, “The Phantom Superboy,” written by Robert Bernstein, Superboy is accidentally projected into the Phantom Zone when a lizard inadvertently triggers a Kryptonian weapon that has fallen to Earth. And all along we thought “Leapin’ Lizards” was Little Orphan Annie’s tagline.

Pa Kent saves the day when he receives a telekinetically typed message from Superboy telling him to reactivate the Phantom Zone projector, which brings the super-lad back home safe. You have to love this cover line where Superboy says, “They don’t see me . They don’t feel me! How can I tell them I no longer exist on Earth?” Words that I’m sure describe how every teenager has felt about their parents at some point.

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