Amazing Arizona Comics presents: The Swing Vote of Sheriff Ape-aio! (compendium)

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Welcome to Webcomics Wednesday, where last week’s daily strips starring “Sheriff Ape-aio” have been collected at last!

This adventure started with an email from fellow Nerdvana contributor and friend Bob Leeper, who, if you haven’t noticed here, has a pro-apes in pop culture agenda.  With Sheriff Arpaio speaking at the zoo during the Republican National Convention earlier this month, Bob saw a prime opportunity to suggest some simian silliness, and, since I’m not one to shrink from a challenge, I heeded his suggestions.  Parallel Earth-1070 is my contribution, as the plot “to bring order to our earth” has already begun in Amazing Arizona Comics #7 (coming soon), and I could really think of no other explanation for Governor Brewer endorsing President Obama than an extra-dimensional clone.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the result!

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