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Pirate adventure behind us, this Saturday’s Doctor Who is the one many of us fans have been waiting for since before the series was resurrected in 2005 — it’s the one written by Neil Gaiman. And according to io9, who have seen it and offer a spoiler-free review, “The Doctor’s Wife” one of those episodes: a Doctor Who tale that you show your friends who don’t “get” Doctor Who, like the original series’ “City of Death” or the more recent “Blink.”

When a distress signal from an old friend leads the TARDIS to a junkyard planet occupied by a beautiful woman and her bizarre family, are the Doctor, Amy and Rory in the gravest danger?

I think Gaiman is just a tad excited about being involved in Doctor Who:

Neil Gaiman's photo: Another counting down to Saturday's Doctor Who episode photo. Here I sneak onto the old TARDIS set and look so happy.
Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

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