The curse of the D&D movies continues; free game materials new and old online

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17068Dungeons & Dragons fans: EN World continues to be the best source for news on your favorite fantasy RPG. Yesterday they brought us the latest twists in the fight between Hasbro and and another party who claims to have the rights to inflict another D&D movie on the world.

Today we learned that the old-school AD&D adventure module The Temple of Elemental Evil, co-penned by D&D co-creator Gary Gygax himself, is available as a free PDF download from until Sept. 28. (There are also some 4th Edition “quick-start rules” and adventures available for free.) Also, the final public playtest packet for “D&D Next,” the upcoming re-release of the core rules, has been released into the wild. Now the focus begins to turn to internal development based on feedback from players, and the stage is set for D&D’s “5th Edition” release for the iconic game’s 40th anniversary next year.

Time to dust off some dice …

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