‘Origin stories’ for Star Wars spin-offs; ‘Fantastic Beasts’ takes us back to Potter’s magical world

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starwars-attackoftheclones-bobafett-full2 I’m not sure why this is suddenly news again, but today’s Star Wars buzz is that Disney plans one movie per year in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, alternating between “trilogy” episodes and spin-offs, which are now being described as “origin stories.” Not that I ever expected them to be anything else. The yearly releases were also known. And apparently we can expect a deluge of Star Wars merchandising for years to come. Who’d have guessed?

500px-BuckbeackNot to be outdone, I think it’s safe to say that Warner Bros. surprised us all Thursday by announcing that J.K. Rowling would write a new series of films set in her wizarding world based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a guide to magical creatures from Harry Potter’s world that was named after a textbook used by Hogwarts students in her novels.

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