Phoenix DinoCon takes over Mesa museum (7/27)

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Hold onto your butts: A new fan convention devoted to dinosaurs will hatch this weekend at the Arizona Museum of Natural History’s Starlight Theater in Mesa. A former EV Tribber and friend of Nerdvana, pop culture queen Julia Zolondz, passed along this info on the inaugural event, and we’re happy to share it here in the hopes you’ll show up and make it a screaming success!

MESA, Ariz. (June 27, 2013) – Is Pterri the Pterodactyl your favorite dinosaur? Did you want to be a T-Rex, like the Dad on “Step Brothers,” but tabled that dream for a corporate job? Was “Terra Nova” your guilty pleasure? Are you over 18 and still display your dinosaur collection? Those who answer yes to the above will most likely be attending the first-ever dinosaur fan convention in Arizona, Phoenix DinoCon.

Taking place from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 27 at The Starlight Theater in the Arizona Museum of Natural History (53 N. MacDonald, Mesa, AZ 85201), Phoenix Dinocon celebrates the facts, fantasy and fun of dinosaurs with a popular culture focus and allows a platform for dino-fans ages 12+ to share their interests in all things awesome, ancient and reptilian.

In addition to original panels, Phoenix DinoCon features a heated trivia session sponsored by Skybound’s Super Dinosaur comic book series, a prehistoric photo booth with a six-foot Giganotosaurus cutout and two local artists, Jon Garza and Damien Hernandez, drawing dream dinosaur scenarios per attendees’ requests (think raptors in sailor suits or a T-Rex skateboarding).

Programming and panels at DinoCon include a dinosaur craft demo, a Jurassic Park book vs. movie discussion, a look back at beloved dinosaur toys like the DinoBots, guidelines to turn your Jeep into a vehicle straight off of Isla Nublar and a glimpse at a typical day on a dinosaur dig with a hands-on fossil opportunity.

Admission is complimentary with reservation at, where discounted admission to the exhibits at the Arizona Museum of Natural History will also be available, along with Phoenix DinoCon t-shirts.

For more information on the inaugural Phoenix DinoCon, visit

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