Marvel’s monthly comics no longer sold at 2 largest bookstore chains in U.S.

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2243Marvel Comics has stopped shipping periodical issues to Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, the two largest bookstore chains in the United States.

Good e-Reader, which broke the story, reports that the retail outlets will continue to stock graphic novels and trade paperback editions of Marvel releases through a pre-existing arrangement with Hachette Book Group. Comic Book Resources reports the stores will continue to carry periodical releases from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics, and learned from Marvel that this was the publisher’s choice.

“The overwhelming majority of print readers get their monthly comics from direct market locations (i.e. brick and mortar comic shops),” Marvel’s senior vice president of sales, David Gabriel, told the website. “There’s no denying that the direct market is a much stronger business model for monthly single issues than newsstand distribution. This has been the case for some time.”

Publisher’s Weekly reports that Marvel’s distribution to Barnes & Noble ended quietly in the last quarter of 2013, following the end of general newsstand distribution in the last two years.

Where do you get your regular comics? A local comic shop, or have you gone all-digital?

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