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John Carter Comic Strip

A long time ago, on a planet far away, alien races fought in good versus evil battles prompted by complicated politics and religious & ideological differences. No, I’m not talking about the Star Wars story, but its predecessor by 65 years, A Princess of Mars, otherwise known as the John Carter of Mars saga (AKA John Carter in the upcoming film).

In 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs created John Carter after tiring of the terrible pulp fiction stories he was reading at the time. He decided that he could write something better, and he certainly did as he went on to scribe some of the greatest fantasy action stories of all time, including not only the Mars books, but the Tarzan series of novels as well.

The Mars (or Barsoom) series inspired untold thousands of adventures from Star Wars to Flash Gordon and Superman to Avatar, the stories even fueled the successes of prominent pop culture icons like President Ronald Reagan and famous astronomer Carl Sagan.

There is a rich and enormous history surrounding the past 100 years of John Carter and there is a huge fan-base that has waited their lifetimes for the movie that is to be released on March 9. But whether you are a life-long fan or brand new to the adventures of Mars’ greatest warrior, there is a wealth of information online that will make your movie-going experience even more wonderful than many of us anticipate it will be already.

Before you venture out to the movie next week, check out the reference links below to familiarize (or re- familiarize) yourself with the world of John Carter. You can even read the entire library of Mars novels online, and it is highly recommended that you do!

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