FilmBar to premiere indie RPG comedy Zero Charisma, celebrate with Grog & Games

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Phoenix’s FilmBar has rolled a natural 20: It will host exclusive screenings of Zero Charisma, an independent film about an ill-tempered roleplaying game storyteller/referee and the “neo-nerd hipster” who disrupts his world of dungeon mastery.

Zero CharismaZero Charisma stars Sam Eidson as Scott, a strict game master who lets confident but geeky charmer Mike (Garrett Graham) join his gaming group but then ceases to be the center of attention, and risks everything to dethrone the newcomer.

Seriously, haven’t we all known (or been) that DM?

The movie opens Oct. 18 (full details and tickets here, and chance to win tickets here), and to celebrate the occasion, FilmBar will host a special Grog & Games event with beer and free tabletop gaming 1 p.m. Oct. 19 with Jim Miller and the Unnamed Association of Gamers, followed by Zero Charisma at 4 p.m.Grog & Games at FilmBar

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