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Janet Fielding, who played plucky Australian stewardess Tegan Jovanka in the 1980s version of Doctor Who, is battling cancer, and five of the program’s stars are banding together to put on a convention benefiting her favorite cause. As her Doctor (Peter Davison) would say: “Brave heart, Tegan.” Doctor Who News

Speaking of Doctor Who, is Middle-earth movie mastermind Peter Jackson going to direct an episode? Stuff (NZ)

Speaking of Peter Jackson, a sneak peek at the toys for his adaptation of The Hobbit gives us our first look at the character of Tauriel, a female elf played by LOST’s Evangeline Lilly. Examiner

Speaking of The Hobbit, another long-awaited film adaption is moving its opening day to avoid competition with the proven box-office might of Middle-earth. Les Miserables was set to open Dec. 14 but will open Christmas Day instead. Examiner

Speaking of Middle-earth, some “lost” illustrations of The Lord of the Rings, approved by author J.R.R. Tolkien himself, have surfaced. Geekosystem

The UK home video release of The Avengers is stirring up controversy. Variety

James Cameron thinks China needs more American jobs. The Hollywood Reporter

Tahmoh Penikett, who had big roles in both Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse, will appear on CW’s upcoming DC hero series Arrow. The Hollywood Reporter, via Blastr

Disney: Is the movie based on the attraction, or is the attraction based on the movie? Main St. Monitor

Technology and gaming:

Adobe warns of flat or declining earnings this quarter as users take to its online subscription-based business model earlier than hoped. The New York Times

Roku’s streaming media stick will cost $100, but your TV might not be compatible. Gizmodo

Sony will release a slimmer, lighter PlayStation 3 before year’s end, and it’s slashing the price of the venerable PSP. The Associated Press

People in the UK can now purchase “social media insurance.” Daily Dot


Volunteer information for next year’s Phoenix Comicon is emerging. Lightning Octopus

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