Beyond Nerdvana: Batman gives back

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Christian Bale may have hung up his cape and cowl, but he’s proved that once a hero, always a hero. What else do you call someone who answer’s a dying Bat-fan’s signal? And the news gets better at the link. GeekTyrant

Amazon dumped a ton of new Kindle hardware on us yesterday, but there’s always a catch. Lifehacker

Starting with Prometheus, Fox will release HD versions of its films digitally three weeks before they’re available on disc. The New York Times via Lifehacker

Not so fast, super-cool-Marvel-Phase-I-deluxe-set-in-an-Avengers-briefcase. Entertainmenet Weekly

Do we know the title of the new Star Trek movie? Superhero Hype

Kickstarter has been very good to the gaming industry this year.

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